Bringing Manila to MCR

Bringing Manila to Mcr


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“Masarap” =Tasty. Tasty Filipino food using family recipes, food from my travels and growing up as a Third Culture Kid.

what is filipino food?

The Philippines is made up of 7107 Islands which means there are over 180 dialects and languages spoken. The Islands all have their own climates which means vegetation and dishes vary in each region. The colonization of The Philippines of different countries ranging from Mexico, Spain, China and America means that ingredients in dishes all take inspiration from their settlers. Filipino food is a melting pot of all these cultures and regional vegetation, creating a unique, fun and delicious marriage of flavours. Expect sweet, sour and spicy flavours with every meal being a celebration.


Hello! I’m Mama Z aka Zosima Fulwell. My love of cooking lead me to where I am today. I am half Filipino and half English and food is important on both sides of the family. I was also very lucky to grow up in the Middle East, making friends from lots of countries who also shared their heritage and love of their cuisine with me. I love that I am a “Third Culture Kid.”

I started serving Filipino Food to the North West since 2017 and I’ve traded at Market Stalls, various pop up Events, Corporate Events and had a Summer residency at Hatch, Oxford Road serving my Filipino Street Food 7 days a week.

Filipino food has the stigma that it is a greasy and heavily meat orientated cuisine. I am always striving to create delicious Veggie and Vegan Filipino dishes to show that you that Filipino food can be made fresh, simple and delicious- even without the meat.

Popular Pop up events I have done include Supper clubs at various venues. Boodle Fights consist of grilled fish and meats, veggies, noodles and rice. All of the food is to be eaten with your hands and perfect for large groups and gatherings! This way of eating is traditional in The Philippines and is a fun and great way of tasting a variety of different Filipino dishes and socializing with others.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming supper clubs via my social media or Eventbrite page.

My Lola always said “Food tastes better with your hands.”



I’ve done a variety of Market stalls offering a variety of Filipino street food at popular street food events such as Grub, doing local markets through Manchester Youth Market and serving delicious food to my local community at places like Station Hop in Levenshulme.

My menu varies from each event. Filipino offerings are items such as Lumpia spring rolls, Chicken Adobo, BBQ Inasal Skewers and fresh salads. You always have the choice of garnishes or home made sauces, all served in biodegradable takeaway containers.


My Menu can be tailor made to your event and clients. I have previously done my Street Food menu into beautiful canapes, cakes and platters.

Fancy something different for your next office party? now you know where to go!

I have desiged my menu for previous corporate events such as with Philippine Airline included mini bowls of my hot dishes and a variety of delicious canapes for their clients. This included both Meat and Vegan dishes. Enquire now for your bespoke Menu!


For any other collaborations, bespoke events or private catering services you might want to get in touch about including private dinners/ kitchen takeovers etc- drop me a line anytime.