2019 Potato and Fennel Dauphinoise

Well its 2019 wow life really does just go fast as you get older! Or maybe I’m just having too much fun? Regardless, its another year and grateful that I am still here and writing my first blog post and recipe of 2019! Christmas was lovely. Had my first Christmas as a whole family and it was lovely! lots of food and mostly laughter- something that was lacking for a few years at Christmas! it was nice to feel that spark again. New Years was my first one with my boyfriend ever in the whole 6+ years we have been together and I got my first New Years kiss (wowwwwweeee). Nothing magical happened (ha!) but our low key evening that was just us (+ the cat Mr Fabesy) was lovely and exactly how we wanted to enter 2019.

Our dinner together for NYE was delicious. A simple baked Trout alongside some delicious Asparagus fried in Butter and Truffle salt, with some tasty AF Fennel and Potato Dauphinoise. I liked it that much I decided to share the recipe considering we made it out of what was lying around.

This fed 2 of us so double the recipe etc etc depending on how many are dining :)


4 x Potatoes (sliced thinly using a Mandolin -or-slice evenly and thinly using a knife!)

1 x Bulb of Fennel (sliced thinly using a Mandolin -or-slice evenly and thinly using a knife!)

2 tbsp x Butter

3 tbsp x Corn Flour (make into a paste with a bit of cold water)

1x Clove Garlic chopped fine

1x Sprig of Thyme

A good glug of White Wine/ Sweet Sherry

25 ml Cream

25 ml Water

Handful of breadcrumbs


  1. In a small pan melt your butter with your chopped garlic. Once you smell the garlic, add the wine.

  2. Let the wine cook off the butter for a bit and then add the cream, lowering the heat.

  3. Add the corn flour mix alongside half of the Thyme. Keep the other half to sprinkle after.

  4. Add Water and keep whisking until you get a white sauce consistency. Obviously if I had more cream and other ingredients, I would of made the white sauce differently- but this worked just as well and needed a lot less ingredients.

  5. Keep mixing until you get the right consistency. Too thick- add more water/ thin- make some more cornflour paste. Season with salt and pepper and take off the heat.


    Layer the Potato and Fennel in between each other on an over proof dish ( we use a medium size clay tapas bowl) and add a spoon of your white sauce. Season with Salt and Pepper. Repeat- but keeping your last layer for the white sauce to go ontop. When you get to the top, pour the rest of your white sauce on. Sprinkle the rest of your fresh Thyme on and then sprinkle your breadcrumbs. Cook in an oven on 180 for 30-40 minutes. You will see it bubbling away and you’ll know it’s ready once the sides come away and caramelize on top! Enjoy

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