Veganuary and Vegan products

Are you taking part in Veganuary this year? Or are you wanting to reduce your meat intake?

Whilst stock shopping for the Veganuary Event at YES tomorrow I noticed the vast amount of Vegan products on the shelves. My first trip today was to Wing Yip and I found that they too have participated in Veganuary! At the moment they have slashed their prices for you to get their Vegan products cheaper. Products range from tinned caramel sauces, vegan whipping cream and what I came for, tinned Jack fruit. I also picked up a tin of Banana Blossom as I want to make a Filipino dish with it at some point- and of course- might as well buy it whilst it’s cheaper!

Products to look out for at Wing Yip:

  1. Tinned Jackfuit 545g £0.97

  2. Coconut Whipping Cream 400ml £1.76

  3. Evaporated Coconut Milk 360 ml £1.17

    These only caught my eye due to thinking about the possible desserts you can make Vegan! I would use the Evaporated Milk in custards and Cassava Cake- making it accessible to everyone. Also the Jack fruit is the cheapest I have seen it anywhere. Normally a can of Jack fruit retails at £1.50 and more in Organic shops and around £1.15 usually when not on offer in Asian supermarkets.

However, so many leading brands and supermarkets have now clocked on to Veganism and have a massive range of products- especially in the form of ready meals. Now mind you, I am a meat eater but can vegan ready meals be nice? Especially when some ready meals are so crap already and have the meat ( I have never had a good ready meal..ever). You need to really treat vegetables a bit differently than meat so I hope they do deliver on flavour for Plant based eaters. Marks and Spencers new vegan range offers things like BBQ Pulled Jack fruit Pizza £3.50, Cauliflower Popcorn £3 and Roasted Aubergine with Grains £3.50.

-Personally I think that if you are not a competent cook and need a quick a dinner, then maybe this range would suit you- but nothing screams WOWwww and those are things anyone could make at home for a fraction of the price if you have all the ingredients. I am part of a Vegan face book group where I saw people posting Vegan products that have come to the market- trying to jump this Vegan “trend” (Surely it’s a life style choice? not a trend…anyways ) and that’s how I know of a lot of supermarkets releasing these products this year.

I went to Aldi today and also saw that they are now stocking Jack fruit (99p) which means all these Vegan alternative items will be even more accessible to more people (especially if you live in an area without a Chinese supermarket).AMAZING. They have a range of pulses and grains available- under a massive “Vegan” section near the tills. My only problem is that..dissect it all down and they already have those products there!? So to me this is nothing new- I cook with these ingredients/mixes of pulses already. However I suppose that I love to cook and have an interest in food, I always forget people don’t think like me/ think about food as much as I do/ research food like I do. However on the flip side I really do think it’s definitely a good thing to be stocking more of these vegan items. Giving you more choice and especially with supermarkets showing an interest as means you can get things cheaper and without this view that’s not accessible to everyone.

So, if you are wanting to create more Vegan meals and cut down your meat intake, there are meat alternatives (mock meat) in Chinese Supermarkets or use things like Jack fruit, Banana Blossom, Tofu etc which are now stocked in most supermarkets. Make your loved dishes at home without any meat.

Stuck for ideas? Honestly, get yourself on Pinterest! Get some inspo or look at what the supermarkets are now bringing in and see if you can make it at home, getting ideas from their packaged products.

I don’t normally buy fake meat/soy based products but I do always pick up Linda McCartney Mushroom Burger or the Rosemary Sausages whenever they are on offer. The burgers are SO good and if they drop to £1 thats such a good healthier alternative for a cheat meal/ fakeaway dinner! We usually have them with some roasted wedges and tonnes of salad, so good! I’ve also made Sausage rolls with the sausages for parties before as Just Rol Puff Pastry (Green packet) is Vegan. Soooo maybe re think again whether if you can make those meals Vegan like the supermarkets do because the chances are YOU CAN and for much cheaper and probably sooooo much better than they do! Besides, learning and cooking is so much fun and you will only get better and grow in confidence with practice.

You can eat delicious without the meat!

Zosima FulwellComment