Mama Z's Chicken Noodle Soup

Now, everyone associates Chicken soup is given to you when you’re ill and rightly so- there is nothing better. This soup just sings spring to me and is so tasty and comforting! I also love the beautiful colours.

Make some stock ahead. Trust me, this makes it.


In a pan get a chicken carcass boiling in water for an hour or so with lots of ginger, garlic, spring onions, salt and some peppercorns. Take the bones out and strain into a container and put aside to use for the soup. You can freeze what’s leftover too and use it for other dishes.

For the Soup (enough for 2):

Handful of Choi Sum/Pak choi/ Green Veg

1 tbsp. Xaoxing Rice Wine

1 tsp. Sesame Oil

1 tsp. Soy Sauce

1 x Chicken Breast

2 x Spring Onions chopped

2 x Carrots chopped

Handful of noodles (break into pieces)


  1. Get your carrots in a pan and top with stock.

  2. Whilst you are cooking your carrots in your stock for the base for your soup- get your steamer ready. Get your chicken breast on the steamer and rub in some sesame oil, Xiaoxing rice wine and soy.

  3. Check your chicken breast and take off once the breast is cooked.

  4. When your carrots are nearly cooked, add your spring onions and noodles.

  5. Add your veg once the noodles are cooked and slice your chicken breast.

  6. Get a big bowl and put your soup in and top with the sliced chicken breast! Add more sesame or soy to add to your taste but your stock should be well seasoned and you wont need much more.

  7. I added some Wild Garlic Pesto to it as well for some extra body and green colour to the soup! Delicious xx

Zosima Fulwell