Sunshine Eggs

I love a good breakfast. These eggs were particularly good and it was made using the leftover bits of stuff in my fridge!

To make these Sunshine Eggs you will need:

1 x Soft Boiled Egg

Handful of Spinach

1 x Chopped stalk of Leek

Handful of Chives finely chopped

1 crushed Garlic clove

Chopped Mushrooms

Drop of cream

1 tsp Porcini Powder

1 Slice of your favourite bread


  1. In a pan using a little olive oil fry off your chopped mushrooms, garlic and leeks. Season with Salt and Pepper, get those leeks really soft.

  2. Add your Porcini Powder and a little bit of water into the mixture as well.

  3. Blanch some Spinach in a pan and then get it under cold water so it retains its colour and drain the excess water.

  4. Get your bread toasting.

  5. Turn the Mushroom mixture off and add your cream and mix. You don’t want it to split or get too thick- you want that creamy sauce to slather all over your bread when you eat it.

  6. Now it’s time to assemble. Put some of the Spinach on your toast, then your creamy mushroom mixture. Add more Spinach and your soft boiled egg. Finish with your chopped Chives on top and it’s as simple as that! Absolutely delicious Sunshine Eggs.

    -Swap normal cream for Vegan cream and miss out the Egg for a fantastic Vegan version.

Zosima Fulwell