Zero waste- Cooking a pigs head

In Filipino cooking there is a lot of nose to tail cooking. I understand we have been lucky to get the good parts of the animal and also due to our supermarket culture we have not got this relationship with the food we eat 🌿



✨ I remember when I was younger I saw a pig get killed which fed the whole area our house is in The Philippines at a gathering. I didnt eat Lechon for many years because I remember the noise that pig made and seeing it roasted with an apple in its mouth didn't seem that appealing as a child. Now that I am older and I have eaten plenty of Lechon I can now see why it is such a celebration when they eat it - not just in the Philippines but everywhere in the world. There are so many different variations of Lechon, all spiced and cooked in so many different ways ✨ 🐽

I got gifted 2 pigs heads the other day by my butcher littlewoodsbutchers. Not going to lie when I got the phone call from Jam about where to put them I was a bit nervous but once I tackled it I as absolutely fine. I roasted one, pulled all the meat off. Chopped all the ears off, snout- everything. There was surprisingly so much meat on it!

I used the leftover bones to make a stock. I always use  the trotters that Marcus gives me to make stock and I never throw carcasses out at home at all. This is truly respecting the animal that has been killed by using it all and I admire the Filipino ingenuity of not allowing anything go to waste--especially when making these un sought after parts super delicious and you would not even know!

What am I going to make out of the pigs head? 

 I will be making Sisig traditionally with these facial parts and also use the brains to traditionally make the "mayo" (I know) that makes the dish super creamy. I have had pigs brain before when I was in Vietnam 🇻🇳 due to the texture. However, I am willing to try how Sisig (a popular dish all over the Philippines) is made the traditional way. My fellow Filipino chefs absolutely insist and love the brain! There has been much excitement about it. 

See how I get on in the next few days as I upload it via Instagram! I will also follow up with how cooking the Sisig goes on here ✌️ 


 -Roasted Pigs head just come out the oven. Simply rubbed in rock salt, olive oil and pepper. 


 -Trotters make fantastic stock for soups or noodle broths . I always use the trotters whenever I can to make flavoursome stock. 

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